Photo Competition 2017

We need some photos of Gloucestershire and Cotswold landmarks to use as desktop backgrounds for our custom distributions of the Raspberry Pi operating system, Raspbian, for our events this year. We include our workshop/tutorial files, WiFi setup etc. with these distributions, and it’s nice to have a clearly identifiable desktop background, so that staff at the event can quickly and clearly see which machines have up-to-date software.

We need five photos for 2017, one for each of our five main events, the first needed by Friday 20 January (in time for our Fri 28 Jan event).

There’s no prize other than the satisfaction of having your photo shining on the desktops of our 150 attendees, and some credit on our website and social media.


• Please email JPEG .jpg files to: with subject “Photo competition”

• Please include your name and email address (and optionally also your organisation and/or website/social media link) in your email.

• You may submit between one and ten photos.

• Closing date is Fri 20 Jan 2017. If we don’t have 5 winners by then, we will extend the deadline.

• Photos must be 1080p, that’s 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high, or larger, and must be 16:9 landscape aspect (or be capable of being cropped/resized to 1080p whilst retaining the main subject).

• Photos must be of a Cotswold or Gloucestershire landmark or beauty spot. We have a preference for historic or countryside scenes over urban or modern ones. Cathedrals, stately homes, abbeys, manor houses, castle remains, follys, old town archways, preseved old streets, notable rivers, valleys, hilltops, woods, dry stone walls, Romain remains, ancient camps etc. are more likely to be featured than modern subjects, but if captured really well then you never know! It must feel “Cotswold” or “Gloucestershire” in some way. Note that the Cotswolds extends into parts of Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Somerset; it is not limited to Gloucestershire. Vice-versa, you could have a subject from a part of Gloucestershire that isn’t the Cotswolds, for example the Forest of Dean.

No text nor logos to be overlaid on the photo. You can promote yourself, your organisation and/or your website in the EXIF data if you wish and we will also credit you, your organisation and/or your website on the list of winners on our blog and social media.

• The photo must be your own work and you must release it to the Public Domain so that anyone can re-use it for any purpose without needing to seek permission nor give credit. Nobody will be able to infer your support to their cause simply by using your photo. If you don’t want to release your photo to the public domain – that’s fine and perfectly understandable; please do not participate.

We will release an archive of all submitted photos, including ones which might not have featured as winners, to the Public Domain, complete with a text file index crediting your name, organisation and/or website. This will be a useful resource for digital makers in Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds and the online community in general.

Good luck and thank-you for participating!

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