Cotswold Jam Raspbian Buster image with workshop tutorial files

Cotswold Jam’s modified Raspbian image is an up-to-date (March 2020) version of Raspbian Buster, set up for our workshop tutorials with all files already installed. It’s quite a large download – 2.9GB – so we’ve made it available using BitTorrent:

Please note that when used for the first time, our image will reboot your Pi twice; once to expand to the full size of your SD card, and a second time to set the hostname. A few of our tutorials are about networking, so we set pseudo-unique hostnames to the Pis in our classrooms.

A good, simple BitTorrent program is QTorrent, available for MS-Windows, Mac and Linux:

Once you’ve downloaded the file, follow this guide to burn the file to your SD card, which must be at least 8GB in size (our image uncompresses to 6.7GB, leaving you with just over 1GB free on an 8GB card). We recommend using an A1 “app” rated card for speed, and particularly the Sandisk A1 16GB Micro SD card which you can buy from Amazon UK.

You can browse our workshop tutorials here:

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