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  • Who?
  • Our organisers are Andrew Oakley from Tewkesbury, who is a software development manager and home computing hobbyist, and Stuart Fox from Tirley, a TV & film music composer and retro gaming enthusiast. Both of us are quite family-focussed.

  • What?
  • Raspberry Jams are events which showcase and help people learn about the Raspberry Pi computer, a £35 computer designed to help children learn to write computer programs, which has also been widely adopted by adult hobbyists. The computers are made in Newport, south Wales, under the steer of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, an education charity based in Cambridge.

    A typical Raspberry Jam event will feature:

    • a large show-and-tell area with hands-on demonstrations of robots, games, computer art and other projects
    • several tutorials, usually on programming or electronics, but sometimes about systems administration, typically for beginners
    • occasionally, a formal talk, which might be an inspirational subject for beginners or a more advanced talk for a technical audience

    The target audience is usually ages 8 to adult. To participate you will need to be able to read at key stage 2 level (8 year olds and above), type (even if very slowly) and use a computer mouse (even if badly).