Mailing List

Our announcements mailing list

We run an announcements-only email list, where you can be notified when tickets become available for events (regardless of whether or not you held tickets for the previous event). We may also, very occasionally, email you about other major announcements from Cotswold Raspberry Jam. You should expect no more than a maximum of 4 emails per month from the announcements list, and more typically a lot fewer.

Note that if you both attended the most recent event, and subscribe to the announcements list, you may get two emails announcing the availability of tickets for the next event. The announcements mailing list will usually get notified first.

Ticket holders

We email ticket holders a reminder about two days before the event that they have tickets for. We also usually email everyone who attended the most recent event, to tell them that tickets are available for the next event. After that, ticket holders will get no more emails from us unless they either get tickets for the next event, or sign up to our announcements mailing list.

Social networks

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