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Our venue is the Waterworth Building, Park Campus, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK. We are extremely grateful to the University of Gloucestershire for the use of their buildings and facilities.

Map of Park Campus (PDF). The Waterworth Building is marked on the map as point 8.

• Sat Nav postcode for car park: GL50 2RZ (point 17 on map of Park Campus)

• Doors open 15 minutes before start time (so, typically 12:45 for a 1pm start). If you need early access to set up a project or tutorial, please email .

The Waterworth Building has been newly refurbished for September 2015 and fitted out with brand new computer labs and equipment. We are some of the first people to use it – probably before most students – so please treat it with respect!

Parking and Buses

Pay and display car parking is located on the map at point 18 (GL50 2RZ). From the car park it is a short 150 metre signposted walk east around the lake and lawns to the Waterworth building (point 8 on the map). When last checked, parking was free at weekends, but you should read the signs to make sure.

The most convenient parking for disabled blue-badge holders is near point 8 on the map. There is level/ramp access to the Waterworth Building immediately next to the disabled parking. See also accessibility.

A loading bay, much nearer to the Waterworth building, is available. Please email if you have heavy or bulky items for the event. Trolleys may also be available, please ask in advance.

There is a bus stop at point 7 on the map, served at the weekend by Stagecoach service 10. Note that service 94U, the university inter-site bus, does not run on weekends.

Food, drink and toilets

Please do not consume food or drink in the computer labs. You can buy food, or eat your own packed lunch, at the nearby university refectory located at point 9 on the map. For special occasions, food may be consumed in the lounge; please check signs on the day.

There are toilets inside in Waterworth building; an accessible loo on the ground floor, with gents and ladies on the first floor.

Children should be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times.

Facilities – what should you bring?

The University of Gloucestershire are kindly providing several computer labs with several dozen HDMI monitors, USB keyboards and mice. There are ample mains electricity sockets near each monitor, and many mains sockets also have 2 amp USB power supplies.

The Show & Tell Room is the largest lab, situated downstairs around the corner from the entrance. This is an informal area for demonstrating your projects or getting help from others. This room easily accommodates 70 people or more.

Two Tutorial Rooms A and B are upstairs. They can accommodate 30-50 people each but we prefer to keep class sizes to around 10-20. For larger or special events we have an additional tutorial room C downstairs, but we do not always use it.

There is also a Lounge also known as the Robot room downstairs with sofas and easy chairs. This has a few monitors and power sockets, but is not set up as a lab. It will accommodate 30-100 people depending on seated, standing and the arrangement of furniture. We use it for talks or large demos such as robots or quadcopters.

We strongly encourage you to bring your own Raspberry Pi, power supply and any projects you wish to demonstrate or get help with. You will not need to bring a monitor, keyboard or mouse as these will be supplied at the venue. It may be wise to bring a HDMI cable as we have limited supplies of these.

If you do not have a Raspberry Pi, don’t worry; there will be many available for each tutorial session plus another few in the Show & Tell room, in addition to whatever other attendees bring.

For tutorial leaders, there are several large screen HDMI monitors (>150cm/60ins) in each lab, in addition to the workstations. There is one input in each lab which controls all large-screens in that room. Please arrive early to check that your equipment functions as expected.

WiFi is usually available but you should not rely on it. The network name is usually and the password is usually displayed on the big screens in the Show & Tell room, or ask a volunteer member of staff.

Please mark your name or initials on any equipment of value that you bring along. For lost property after the event, email .


The Waterworth Building is fully accessible, refurbished to a high standard in August 2015 with a ramp to the front door and level access throughout. There is an accessible loo on the ground floor. There is a good-sized modern lift to the first floor, with buttons accessible to wheelchair users. Some of the rooms can get busy and chairs do get moved about; if you have trouble making a path for your wheelchair, ask a volunteer member of staff to move people or furniture out of your way.

There are several disabled parking areas on campus. The most convenient for the event is near point 8 on the map which is right next to the Waterworth Building. Please ensure that your blue badge is displayed on your vehicle.


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