GPIO Zero Reaction Timer Tutorial

Files for our Reaction Timer Tutorial – GPIO Zero – are now available:

This includes a .PDF file, a .DOCX wordprocessor file (public domain, feel free to reuse/adapt) and a .ZIP file with the code samples. The .PDF and wordprocessor file were updated on 1 Feb 2016 to correct spelling errors and add setup instructions.

This tutorial demonstrates the ease of programming electronics in the Python language with the new GPIO Zero library. It also takes advantage of Raspbian Jessie’s direct control over GPIO pins (previously this required superuser access).

Here’s a list of parts you’ll need. Click the prices to be taken directly to an eBay seller in Feb 2016. Note that most items are only sold in multiple quantities; I have tried to find the cheapest minimum order. Where possible I have listed UK sellers, but some components are only available via import.

Description Qty £ each
Breadboard – mini 170 point 1 1.25
LED – 5mm diffused through-hole, red 1 0.12
Resistor – carbon film 270 Ohm through-hole 1 0.10
Switch – 2 pin 6x6x4mm tactile push-button through-hole 1 0.15
Male to Female jumper wire, 20cm 3 0.10
Male to Male jumper wire, 10cm 1 0.10
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