New Venue!

We’re delighted to announce that the University of Gloucestershire has kindly agreed to host us from this Autumn. Events will be at the newly refurbished computing facility at Park Campus, Cheltenham and, assuming building work has finished and the paint has dried, our next event is pencilled in for Saturday 26 September. Thanks to Dr. McQuaid for sorting this out.

The University of Gloucestershire has provisionally offered us two large, new rooms, each with 20 or more flat-panel monitors, mice and keyboards. We just need to bring along our Raspberry Pis.

The new facilities should allow us to hold larger tutorial sessions. Previously we were limited to five Pis, with two pupils per Pi, maximum 10 pupils. The new facilities have a capacity of over 20 workstations, although it would be unrealistic to have 40 pupils in a single session! More likely we will try to run with 8-10 Pis, and 15-20 pupils.

One of the prerequisites was for us to get our own Public Liability insurance. Andy Baker has very kindly paid for this for the year starting September, so please be generous with your donations so he can recover this cost!

Update 9 Sept 2015: Full details of our new venue and facilities

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