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First off: thank-you.

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Data destruction

We delete all hard drive partitions, reformat as a single DOS partiton (FreeDOS) then remove the hard drive. This makes data recovery almost impossible. Then, weeks later when we have a big enough batch, we destroy the disk platter(s) with an angle grinder or mallet. This makes data recovery completely impossible. What is left of the drive, goes to recycling.

We replace the hard drive with one of our brand new small SSDs that has been donated from our Amazon Wishlist (typically 60GB, enough for Linux).

If you are concerned about data security, please remove the storage drive before donation.

We cannot provide certificates of wiping or destroying hard drives. This is an amateur volunteer enthusiast effort. If you need a certificate of data destruction, consider donating your equipment to IT Schools Africa who are based locally in Cheltenham.

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